The MRG Resource Center has been retired.
Please visit our new Knowledge Base at


The MRG Knowledge Base: A new way for you to access MRG research, marketing materials, samples, support, and more. 

The new MRG Knowledge Base is:
Search by topic, key word, category – the knowledge base will find it for you (even if you misspell a word or two!). You’ll also find suggestions for related content, popular articles, new articles, and quick links to help you jump to just the part of the article you need.

The content in the Knowledge Base has been thoroughly vetted and curated, and only the most up-to-date materials have been provided. You can trust that everything you find in the Knowledge Base is current and aligned in brand and message with MRG’s modern reports and branding.

Always improving.
With built-in avenues to collect your feedback, plus analytics to help the MRG team see which resources and topics are in the greatest demand, the Knowledge Base will grow and improve the more you use it.

Available 24/7/365.
MRG’s outstanding client services team will still be as available as ever to support you during business hours. But the self-serve Knowledge Base makes it easy for you to log in from anywhere in the world and find what you need, when you need it – late at night, early in the morning, and any time in between.